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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, can affect men for many different reasons. In its basic form erectile dysfunction means the inability to have or maintain a satisfactory erection. This can be due to stress, anxiety or issues with a relationship, or a whole host of physical problems.

There may be an answer

Many men can become extremely distressed over erectile dysfunction and it can impact relationships, but help is at hand. In many cases men with erectile dysfunction will have one or more treatment options open to them, and it is also important to consider lifestyle factors which may contribute to the problem.

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What causes erectile dysfunction?

Some of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, which can be controlled, include:

  • Elevated cholesterol or triglycerides
  • Chronic alcohol intake – i.e more than 6 standard drinks in a day over years
  • Smoking
  • Taking illicit drugs
  • Taking some anti-depressant medications may contribute to erectile dysfunction

Other causes, which may be beyond a person’s control and can lead to erectile dysfunction:

  • Blood vessel disease (vascular). This makes up the majority of physical cases. Arterial hardening may narrow the diameter of the excess penile vein
  • High blood pressure
  • Neurological problems including spinal trauma, multiple sclerosis or stroke
  • Endocrine disease such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, testicular and pituitary gland disease
  • Major surgery such as prostate cancer surgery, bowel and rectal cancer surgery and blood vessel surgery
  • Major accidents and trauma to the penis, pelvis, testes or rectum
  • Kidney disease and/or surgery
  • Peyronnie’s Disease where there is a severe bending of the penis

What treatments exist for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be treated, and even when something may not have worked in the past an alternative may be available. Men who continue to experience erectile dysfunction may be prescribed any of the following, or a combination after consulting with a doctor:

Injection Therapy

In cases where other treatments don’t work or may not be feasible, injections into the penis may be an option for men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Injection therapy may be used to treat erectile dysfunction when it occurs alongside premature ejaculation, and while many men report enhanced erections some may experience delayed ejaculation at times even when using injection therapy.

Prescription Medicine

There are currently four different prescription medications available for treating impotence.

The doctor will discuss these and the potential side effects within the consultation.

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