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Tips for Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not always something that a man just ‘has to put up with’. It is more common than most men realise too, affecting around 30% of the male population in some way. There should be no shame or embarrassment in men experiencing erectile dysfunction and there are plenty of resources available to help deal with the problem, and help wives or partners cope as well.

Try to understand possible causes

When a man’s sexual function declines, it is important to consider what the possible causes could be. It may be due to some particular stress factor or problems within a relationship, or it could be as simple as a medication that was prescribed or another physical problem that can be treated.

Whatever the cause, erectile dysfunction is always an issue worth looking into and many possibilities exist, even if you think you know what the problem is.

See a doctor

One of the worst things for treatment can be putting off seeing a doctor because of embarrassment or fear of finding out bad news. As soon as you make an appointment and see a doctor treatment can begin, and there is almost always some form of relief available.

Seeing a doctor and getting treated is also important to get to the bottom of what may be causing erectile dysfunction and make sure there are no more serious health issues that need to be looked at.

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Investigate all treatment possibilities

Some treatments are simple and effective and some natural treatments, such as changes to diet and exercise, can be done without taking extra medication, using a spray or getting injections. In most cases these sorts of treatments should be used in conjunction with any other therapy that might be recommended to get the best results.

Ask the doctor for recommendations and advice about natural treatments during a consultation.

Talk about it

Men’s sexual health issues are no longer the taboo topic they once used to be. Most will find that if they are willing to discuss the problem with trusted friends and colleagues they end up feeling better, not worse. Men in relationships should also be discussing both the issues they face and any treatments recommended with their partner.

Read about it

There is no shortage of interesting magazine articles, websites and commentary around dealing with erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues men face. Friends may also be able to recommend resources. While it’s important to be well informed, remember that any general advice you read may not be right for your individual situation and should be considered a guide only. Everything you read or hear about should serve as a conversation starter when you get to see the doctor.