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How to last longer

Different Methods to Last Longer

There are all sorts of marketing campaigns about having longer lasting sex or ‘lasting longer in bed’ and many of these are tied to a pill, potion or other product that promises results.

While some of these may be effective, it is impossible to say that there is one product or pill that will make every man last longer in bed and ensure that he pleases his partner. Many men’s health publications also discuss mind control techniques and offer tips for sustaining an erection or avoiding ejaculation by muscle control or various types of holding or touching techniques.

What works for men who want to last longer?

Because the reasons why a man may not last as long as he wants are so varied, there is definitely no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to solving the problem. There are pelvic floor exercises, mental visualizations to do before sex and holding techniques for during sex that can be learnt through books and magazines or by testosterone for sale uk consulting a sex therapist though. These solutions are all usually recommended in conjunction with counselling and sex therapy to combat feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness or anger that can happen when a man feels he’s not performing at his best.

Failing natural remedies some may be recommended a medication such as Viagra or some other form of treatment outlined on this website. It may also be the case that different approaches are recommended at the same time or one after the other.

Ultimately, improving sexual function is something that needs to be worked on by understanding the problem, learning about what treatments are available and trying them until something works.