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Your chances of successful treatment at our clinic are improved by a full examination of all issues contributing to your individual situation. Highly effective treatment of impotence and erectile problems involves more than just pills and potions.

Improved lifestyle can play a significant role in regaining your confidence and function and might just improve your general health as an added benefit. Improved lifestyle will help you feel more energetic and reduce the problems caused by common illnesses. Our doctor will also advise you about relationship issues which may be important.

Many simple lifestyle improvements can make a difference in the treatment of impotence. Our doctor will discuss with you ways to reduce your alcohol and cigarette intake. High levels of physical activity will reduce the occurrence of impotence. Lifestyle modification together with effective management of heart disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety will assist in reducing the effects of impotence.

Our doctor will discuss methods to improve your erection performance by focusing on certain diet intake including particular coffee intake regimes. He will outline techniques such as best positional approaches to obtain and maintain a satisfactory erection.

Our doctor will explain the latest methods of altering your lifestyle and dietary habits so as to ensure maximum sexual potential. Individual programs can be tailored to help you start a normal sexual life. Complimentary medicines including certain vitamins will be discussed in achieving this goal. Sexual activity and its impact on the heart and other conditions such as diabetes will be considered in recommending treatment programs to reactivate your sexual life

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