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Numerous misconceptions abound about the duration of sexual performance. Our questioning of over 10,000 men over the age of 40 years indicate that the majority consider 6-8 minutes is the expected range in view of their early sexual experience. The notions of lasting an hour or more is false. The aboundance of pornographic material has resulted in many raising unreasonable expectations . Behind the scenes male pornography actors often use ‘tricks’ such as high dose penile injections to sustain longer lasting erections during filming (with large film crews present). Some actors ( including younger men) even have permanent implant surgery to ensure their performance is maintained. Further there are often ‘helpers’ called ‘fluffers’ who ensure performance is maintained under demanding set environments.

This is a common concern raised. Whether the procedure was a nerve sparing operation or robotic surgery for prostate cancer the
overcoming of erectile dysfunction is variable. Many men find a return to potency after 12 months. Treatment options after prostate cancer surgery involve medications (viagra, cialis and levitra) or penile injections. Currently some medications are being promoted for use prior to surgery. Nasal sprays or oral strips have not been scientifically reported in peer reviewed journal articles and so may only have placebo success rates.

Many man think that the cure of ejaculation problems is related to physical causes and want to know how to delay ejaculation. To prolong ejaculation methods outlined earlier need to be consistently done each time over at least 3 months. Ejaculation problem in men presenting is often associated with a long history. Ejaculation difficulty in these men have occured on many occasions, sometimes thousands of times, and no one break in the cycle is sufficient. The male patient overcomes ejaculation problems by consistently breaking the cycle so that he no longer recalls what the problem is because it has not occured for a considerable time as each time he has been able to prolong ejaculation since starting treatment options for the ejaculation problem.

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