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As your vist consultation takes about 45 minutes, consultations are by appointment only

This depends on your particular circumstances.
Whilst involving your partner is welcomed and often improves your treatment success it is up to you.

Many man think that the cure of ejaculation problems is related to physical causes and want to know how to delay ejaculation. To prolong ejaculation methods outlined earlier need to be consistently done each time over at least 3 months. Ejaculation problem in men presenting is often associated with a long history. Ejaculation difficulty in these men have occured on many occasions, sometimes thousands of times, and no one break in the cycle is sufficient. The male patient overcomes ejaculation problems by consistently breaking the cycle so that he no longer recalls what the problem is because it has not occured for a considerable time as each time he has been able to prolong ejaculation since starting treatment options for the ejaculation problem.

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Medicare refunds for consultation apply if you have a current valid medicare card.

You need to bring a list of your medications,if any, when you see our Doctor. Please write these down on a sheet of paper together with the names of medical conditions, if any, you have been told you suffer from.

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