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Medical Treatments

Oral Medicines

Drugs such as Viagra introduced in 1998 and Cialis and Levitra introduced in 2003 were originally introduced for on demand use. Some medications are now approved for regular daily dosing. Patients need to be educated on the optimal use of these drugs as sexual stimulation and adequate dosing are necessary for the best results. These drugs are strictly contraindicated in patients taking organic nitrates (for angina) and nitrate donors. These medications should be obtained from registered pharmacies only .

Local therapy

This includes intracavernosal injection therapy and vacuum device therapy. Some patients prefer these methods to oral drugs. Where patients fail oral drug therapy, have contraindications to specific oral medicines or have adverse effects from oral drugs then this presents as suitable alternative treatment. Penile injection therapy has a very high success rate (93%),is relatively safe and has a very rapid onset of action, often within ten minutes of administration which can be with the aid of an automatic injector. Adhering strictly to the individual dosage regime is essential. Vacuum constriction devices are a suitable alternative to patients who are not interested in drug therapy or have specific contraindications to drug therapy. These devices apply a negative pressure to the penis so drawing blood into the penis which is retained by applying an elastic band at the base of the penis.

Penile implants

This involves the surgical implanting of a malleable or inflatable penile prosthesis. It is complex surgery and irreversible and suitable for select cases where other treatments have failed. Penile implant surgery may be associated with prosthesis infection in up to 5% of cases. Mechanical failure occurs in less than 5% of patients in the first year, approximately 20% at 5 years and 50% at 10 years. If suitable, our doctor will discuss this option with you and will refer you to an experienced urologist for further consultation.

Success Rates

The use of these methods either singularly (or sometimes in combination) will result in a success rate as high as 93%. Our high success rate is the result of our specialising in only impotence and premature ejaculation medical problems. We believe that these conditions are often a medical problem for which there is a medical solution. Our emphasis is anabolic steroids dosage for bodybuilding in using combinations of different treatments to achieve a normal sexual life.

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