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Premature Ejaculation

This is also referred to as early ejaculation. It involves a consistent inability to delay or control ejaculation beyond two minutes. Marked distress is a common feature of this condition which is considered to occur in more than 30% of men. A significant number of men with this condition also have impotence. Some patients in severe cases complain of ejaculating on or prior to penetration. The cause is uncertain. Often patients describe this as lifelong condition. Some patients have situational premature ejaculation where the condition occurs only with certain partners, for instance in new relationships.

Treatment consists of several options. Patients with lifelong premature ejaculation are best managed with medication therapy. Patients with situational premature ejaculation can be treated with drug therapy and/or behaviour therapy. Where there are significant psychological or relationship problems it is worth considering behaviour therapy .Best results are achieved where patients give at least a six month trial with a particular therapist.

Our doctor will discuss suitable drugs to treat premature ejaculation. These involve ingestion as needed about 2 hours before anticipated intercourse. A number of non-drug techniques such as sensate focus will also be discussed.

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